Powerful geospatial cloud services

cost-effective and intuitive tools to enhance your business

Introducing the XMAP Suite

Entirely cloud-based

All XMAP services are full web-based. Increase your resilience and improve the experience of remote workers.

Fast and reliable

XMAP uses the latest in cloud technology to deliver fast and reliable services giving blisteringly fast map downloads and next-to no downtime.

Secure and configurable

All our services are built with data security at their core to ensure your data is accessible and usable by only those it's intended for.

Excellent value for money

Our flexible and predictable pricing model means it's cost-effective to give access to your whole organisation, giving a great return on investment.

Why choose us?

We care about how geospatial data can be used to solve everyday problems. It's not about GIS for the sake of GIS, it's about the answers.

We go above-and-beyond to make sure our services work for you. We like to build up a great working relationship so you can lean on us for guidance, feature suggestions or just a nerdy chat.

We don't have to rely on a parent company for software updates or improvements. If you need it, we can build it.

By owning and managing our software stack in a cost-effective way we can be flexible in fine-tuning the service to completely match your needs.
When you subscribe to our services, you're supporting a UK Ltd SME. We're all based in the UK and our software stack is hosted on UK servers.

However, we're by no means inward looking. We have fantastic international partners and customers and can deploy our software to cloud-based or local servers around the world.
All our services have been priced to easily demonstrate a return on investment. When signing a contract with us you can be sure you're getting excellent value for money and can demonstrate real-world savings for your organisation.
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Explore XMAP services

Cloud GIS

digital mapping for your whole organisation

Public Map

embed interactive maps on your website

Data Feeds

web map services for your GIS or app


publish your own data as WMS & WFS

Sectors we serve

XMAP benefits any business, government organisation or charity and we can apply our services and skills to any challenge. Read about some of our work in specific sectors below.

Local Government

joined-up government with cost-saving and efficiency at its heart

Planning Consultants

assess sites using a range of constraints data and mapping tools


tools to help you understand and manage assets and risk

Rural Broadband

plan your community fibre network to reach new customers


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