UAV flight routing & visualisation for low-carbon transport, deliveries and logistics

What is XMAP FUSE?

FUSE is a UK-Government funded project to help businesses and UK Local Authorities transition to a low-carbon transport economy.

We'd like you to get involved in any of the project phases below.

Phase 1: 3D Simulator for showcasing drone flights

This can be used to visualise your plans for drone flights at any scale, whether that's one flight a day or one flight a minute. Use it to debunk public opinion on the noise pollution and visual impact of flights.

For Businesses

  • Simulate your drone flights to replace vans and lorries. What are the time and cost implications?

  • Calculate CO2 and cost savings.

  • Map out your existing transport network and adapt it to replace with drone flights.

For Local Authorities

  • Simulate "maximum capacity" of drones in your airpsace to show the public the worst-case noise scenario (hint: it's less than you think!).

  • Import constraints such as schools, cemeteries, churches etc, to show how drones will respect the airspace around them.

  • Have your area mapping as an ultra-high resolution 3D model to make the visualisation look real.
This solution is ready to use, so please get in touch to get involved.

Phase 2: Demonstrate Drone Activity

Project partners wanted!

If you work in a Local Authority and are involved in GIS, Legal, Transport or Communities, you need to be involved in this phase. It will only cost your time, and will put you at the forefront of future mobility and transport in your area.

Geoxphere is leading this project to do what it does best; bring modern GIS and software to local communities and local authorities to help make places better.

In this phase we hope to:
Map out airspace for recreation and business

Map out airspace for recreation and business

Examples include:

  • Marking out spaces for recreational drones

  • Applying temporary restrictions for drone activity (e.g. drone shows)
Map and provision land for drone activities

Map and provision land for drone activities

Examples include:

  • Identifying strategic landing sites
Demonstrate drones for resilience capabilities

Demonstrate drones for resilience capabilities

Examples include:

  • Delivering supplies to rural or cut-off areas

  • Working with communities to identify risks to communities
We'd love you to be involved, so please get in touch.


Phase 1 services are ready to be trialled and used commercially or through Local Government. Pricing and subscriptions will vary.

Phase 2 project work will be funded through UK Government so this is your chance to be involved. Your time and activities can be included in the project costs.


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