working together to make mapping more usable and accessible across all tiers of government

A relationship, not just a product

We believe geospatial data should be shared as widely as possible in Local Government and is not the reserve of the GIS techy.

Our aim is to help all tiers of government use and benefit from mapping in order to improve and streamline public services.

To help achieve this we’ve designed services that break down as many barriers as possible to give GIS data and capabilities to your whole organisation, and where applicable, the public. Our suite of XMAP services have been designed to be low-cost, practical and high performance.

When you subscribe to an XMAP service you’re not just getting the service, you’re getting our entire team. We maintain close relationships so that together we can all achieve our goals. We start with simply making GIS easy to use, all the way up to our combined strategic goals.

Please get touch to discuss your immediate needs. We look forward to working with you.

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Chris Mewse, on behalf of the whole Geoxphere team

Use in all aspects of Local Government


Bespoke digital land workflows to save time when communicating applications and analysing against your planning constraints.

Social Care

Combine easy-to-use addressing/LLPG tools and other authority data to help provision housing and local services for those in need.


Visualise traffic regulation orders (TROs) and parking restrictions to improve transport management.


Share envrionmental layers across the organisation to make sure outdoor space it well-provisioned and accesible for all neighbourhood.

Climate & Environment

Integrate smart city/IOT data by connecting to external web services and visualise in real-time.

Public Engagement

Create publicly available interactive maps and open data web feeds to communicate new ideas and improve engagement.
All Local Authority departments can use XMAP, so with no user or usage limit everyone can benefit from the time-saving technology.

Cloud-based by default

Seamless remote working always comes up against challenges; slow local hardware, slow service from IT contractors, flipping awful VPNs to name just a few.

XMAP is a refreshing change where it takes just minutes to create a service and can be accessed directly through a web browser.

We use the latest, ever-green server-side technology to give you the benefit of fast, reliable services without getting your hands dirty. You take the glory of having happy colleagues (but remember us when you're famous)!

Uptime to be proud of

We use fast, reliable UK-only servers that mean nobody has to worry about services going down or being slow.

Engaged with open-source

We use the latest open source technology to support our services and give back where we can.

Secure, yet open

Our services are highly secure, yet allow you to share data easily using the latest cloud database technology.

Connected Government

When things are easy to do, they're more likely to get done! So we've made it easy for Local Authorities to share live mapping data with different tiers of government; namely Town, Parish and Community Councils.

With 'set and forget' features you can empower local councils to do their own thing without needing constant help from you. You decide what data you want to share, and it's done!

Our vision is that data sharing should be fluid throughout government to harness the local knowledge of local councils and better communicate the wider strategy of principal authorities and central government.

This vision is already becoming a reality in some parts of the UK through our work creating Parish Online, a digital mapping service built on XMAP, specifically for local councils.

Collaborative Data

Having more eyes on a datasets improves it much faster than one person doing it. Collaborate to create useful and compelling datasets.


Using structured databasing and tools we can ensure data is created and edited to consistent standards or themes. We like structured data!

Time & Cost Savings

Bad data costs time and money. The first step is to share it (with caveats!) which enables corrections, creating a positive cycle of improvements.
Getting involved with local councils is a proactive way to create better places to live and work. Involvement can be simply sharing data all the way to supporting Parish Online and the councils that use it. Find out more on the Parish Online website.

Discover our XMAP services

Cloud GIS

digital mapping for your whole organisation

Public Map

embed interactive maps on your website

Data Feeds

web map services for desktop apps


publish your own data as WMS & WFS

Case Studies

We're proud to be working with forward-thinking Local Authorities who trust us with their critical services and, above all, their reputation.

Explore how XMAP is used in Local Government and other sectors:


We're very proud of the way we support subscribers of XMAP. Whether it's getting XMAP services set up, or trying to do something new, you can rely on the full weight of the Geoxphere team to help.

Our software development is guided by your needs, so when we produce new features they can benefit all Local Government users.

We have a support ticket system that's used for logging issues or feature requests, and you'll have a direct line to the team to discuss complex issues. We're also always available for just a chat!


All XMAP Suite services are charged as a subscription service with no capital investment.

We offer a 10% discount across all services for multi-year subscriptions.

Cloud GIS


  • Annual Subscription
  • Available through G-Cloud framework as a pre-approved service
  • £3,000 supplement for unitaries or counties
  • Unlimited users and usage
  • Support, maintenance and hosting included
  • (no hidden extras)

Public Map


  • Annual Subscription
  • Available through G-Cloud framework as a pre-approved service
  • Predictable flat rate for all local authorities
  • Unlimited usage
  • Support, maintenance and hosting included
  • (still no hidden extras)

Data Feeds


  • Annual Subscription
  • Available through G-Cloud framework as a pre-approved service
  • Predictable flat rate for all local authorities
  • Unlimited usage
  • Support, maintenance and hosting included
  • Only extras would be for additional storage and hosting of your own archive raster mapping



  • Annual Subscription
  • Available through G-Cloud framework as a pre-approved service
  • Predictable flat rate for all local authorities
  • No layer publishing limit
  • Unlimited usage
  • Support, maintenance and hosting included
  • (no hidden extras either)
Not sure what to choose? Don't worry, get in touch and we can offer free advice to help you select just what you need.


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